Last active time


How to view last online time on byer?:slight_smile:


You don’t. There’s no way to do it.


This feature is only for the Forum and NOT the main site.


Imagine what would it be like if the buyer could see your last online time.


“I saw that you were online, why didn’t you reply?”

“When will you deliver?”

“Why didn’t you answer?”

“I will report you to Customer Support for ignoring me! I thought you were a professional!”


I believe you can see your buyer’s activity by navigating to the buyer’s conversation window on Fiverr’s mobile app.
I’m not sure, if this can be seen from the desktop version.
Fellow users please shed your experience with this feature.
Here’s a screenshot:


Fiverr app clearly shows the last active time. If you like, you can install bluestacks in your pc and install fiverr app there as well. :blush:


Seriously, it sounds like something a STALKER would want to do.

Why the heck would seller need to keep an eye on a BUYER anyways…wth!:rolling_eyes:


There are several needs for this. And no, I don’t think a STALKER only needs this. I am mentioning a few reasons for knowing this -

  1. For adjusting the delivery times when working on multiple orders.
  2. Combined with the local time of the buyer, it can help telling the daily habits of the buyer. (Helps to know about the repeat buyers)
  3. For asking questions in the right time.
  4. For making a dispute in the right time.
  5. And it continues… :wink:


Yes you can’t see on Fiverr site …but Mobile App shows it…I use the app just because of this feature…