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Last few days didn't get any order yet

Hi everyone
I’m a new freelancer in Fiverr, already completed five orders in 20 days with four 5* review, but last few days I didn’t get any order, what can I do now? please, anybody, help me to get up this during this situation.
Note: client knock me direct with my best selling gig but any didn’t place an order, they are said that he will knock me later now not available to work, so now I’m very depressed if anybody wants to check my gig Click Here


you are very lucky to have 4 orders in just 1 month. There are tons of sellers who didnt even manage to get their 1st order for months and years.

The only thing you can do is , wait patiently. We can’t help you to get more sale/ orders


thank you for giving me valuable support

To get more orders and sales, make your gigs attractive use catchy thumbnails and tags and correct SEO.
Send all 10 Buyer request in a professional and precised way to get orders. But do not fully depend on that, you need to do marketing yourself.
Usually, it takes 2-3 weeks normally to get first order if you send all 10 buyer request daily. For me, it took only 9 days to get my first order. After the first order is completed others orders will follow unexpectedly. You need to be patient.
Try to impress buyers if they inbox you to receive an order.
Keep your work sample / portfolio ready, because many buyers ask for it before placing an order.
I am on my eight order on my 36th day on fiverr


i also got 5 orders in the first month with all 5 star review.
but from last few days…no orders :thinking:

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Same here yar
I am also having 1 active order only, which came after a long break.


you have at least one…

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and that is delivered , waiting for completion. I am free now, n bored

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@jawwusolver so are so great, thank you for your tips, I will best try from my side and hope that I get order within a few days

Share your gig on social media . Patience and wait. Will receive the order .

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@webdesignwp202 thank you for your help

Don’t worry, be patient. try to stay online. I hope you will get more job very soon.

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@aminmia999 thank you, brother, for your response with the best trip

Same problem Brother

Be patient. Try to stay online You will get order very soon.

I too have not received any SMS from a new customer for some time. I do not understand whether it is actually a problem?

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Same here but I believe this is because of the current situation. So, for now we have no other option rather than being patient.

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