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Last few days no order at my gigs: Fix WordPress bugs

I have gotten order last 2 week ago but recently i have no order or buyer request for this gigs

I will fix WordPress website bug

I am trying to improve it but what should i will do? I need to add a gig videos but if the changes down my rank.

Is there any advice?

Your gig needs a lot of work :frowning:

It looks a bit cheap and unprofessional. Here’s what you can do

  • In the video showcase your designs that you’ve created or the sites you’ve worked on.
  • Hire proofreader to review your script
  • Hire a voice over artist to read it over the video

If you do your homework then you can probably get it done under $100.

Your portfolio
If you don’t do full designs and only focus on CSS then add some case studies to your portfolio.

  • Get a nice Word template with your branding
  • Take some before / after photos to show what your service added
  • Get some numbers if possible (revenue, traffic, user experience.) Whatever you’re allowed to use by the client.
  • Hire a copywriter to write a decent description for the case study
  • Upload it as PDF

I’m guessing the budget would be around $75-$100.

Last but not least, hire a proofreader for your gig description. ($20-$25 propably for just 1000 words)

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