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Last Messege of My Fiverr life

Finally my account was disabled and i not doing any serious violation of fiverr such as out side contact or payment or abuse language
i always help fiverr and avoid out side contact and report it always
and finally fiverr give me return of my honesty of my account suspension

i start fiverr journey around 3 years ago and i have over 945 positive 5 star ratings 100% positive ratings OVER 19K EARN . i have and i also buy more than 377 sellers gigs using my 4.95k credit. for my work so i am buyer as well

Fiverr suspend me for unknown reason and i told them many times last warning was false
and they take 3 month to investigate and finally they disabled my account

I don’t know how to say good bye all of my buyers, sellers and friends here

My Tears will surely take revenge one day, They way they treat professional worker here one day they will understand what they lost . I go back to upwork again and time to say good bye fiverr. I will never forget and forgive fiverr for their such a bad way they treat my honest work


Fiverr usually always provides a reason, even if you don’t think it is a reason. Fiverr does state why they take action against an account when they send you their notification message. What did they tell you about your suspension within the message they sent?

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Hi mr_diligent,

Your account was flagged for sending spam messages.

but it’s funny that i not get any order for last 15 days when i get that messege and even i don’t send any one messege i only messege my client whom i get order from india

Sending unsolicited “buy my gig” messages to other users IS spam. You cannot contact other users and randomly ask them to hire you. Perhaps that user reported you to Fiverr, and they agreed that your message asking that user to hire you was inappropriate spam.

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sir, with show u all respect _ i did not messege any one last 33 days because of i am busy with my family things i only get 3 order on that last 33 days and i only messege 2 of my client and we talk just about project nothing else, than how can they show me the reason that i send spam messege, I told them clearly it’s mistake and send me prove i told them 100 times about my honesty and innocent i always report fiverr even some buyer offer me to work outside . i am truely saying true

and sir, unsolicited “buy my gig” this type of messege i never send of my 3 years fiverr carrier , i always read fiverr update rules and regulation , i am totally lost, i am sending u messege because fiverr allow me 24 hours for dowload all the seller stuff that i past order

Like I said, perhaps one or both of those users reported your message(s) as spam.

I doubt you plead your case “100 times”. That seems like an exaggeration. Fiverr’s actions are their own, and if they felt there was a strong reason to issue a warning and/or suspend your account, they likely had good reason. It sounds like they took action, you contacted them, and they chose not to reverse their action. In this case, there is nothing further that you can do.

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sir,i can sware to my dad , i never send any kinds of that type of messege in my whole fiverr carrier and i just told them couple of time /100 that i am innocent but they always reply me same things

mr_diligent I hope fiverr team will restore your account if they notice your messege here

jonbass sir, i just told them couple of times 2-3 times maximum, i just using 100 times to express my feelings i am totally lost sir

You stated that Fiverr took three months to investigate, and then disabled your account. I am not Fiverr. If that is the action that their investigation resulted in, then that is the action they have taken. I don’t know what else to tell you. Have you asked Fiverr whether they will allow you to open a new account and start over?

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Even 2-3 times spamming someone, asking them to buy from you is 2-3 too many.

sir they told me same answer and also told me i am not able to creat new account for my violation which was big shocking news for me
because i don’t do such big crime or Break their tos that fiverr banned me for life time

i ask the to give me just 1 prove but they told me 2nd and last time same things

Well, then, that’s your answer.

Yes, you DID break the TOS. You cannot send spam to other users. Fiverr does not tolerate unsolicited “buy my gig” messages to users.

Fiverr does not need to prove anything to you, if you already know you’ve send spam “2-3 times maximum”, as you yourself stated. You spammed other users, Fiverr investigated, and they chose to suspend your account. I’m sorry to hear that this has happened. But is has happened, and Fiverr has told you that you cannot start over.

You need to be mindful of the TOS, and you cannot send people – anyone – “buy my gig” messages. You can’t do that here.

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sir, i never ask any one in my fiverr life to buy my gigs , and 20% of my service that i sell i get 3x tips from my client i am also client i know how to treat client and follow fiverr terms and condition

i never messege anyone -people – anyone – “buy my gig” messages even i not send others people any kinds of messege using my service, my promotional offer i only messege whom is order me and always discuss with project related things . I can challenged fiverr team about that

This :arrow_up: is the reason for your last ToS warning. Spam doesn’t only refer to the act of sending thousands of unsolicited messages to someone.

Sure, you may have never sent “buy my gig” messages. I am not telling you did. It could have even been some other message. However, that doesn’t matter, in my opinion. If the recipient of your message thought that the message that you sent (EVEN if it was just ONE message) annoyed them or was of no use for them (or whatever the reason may be), they could have reported your message as “spam.” It only takes a single “spam” report from them for Fiverr to consider your message spam. In the end, that’s all that matters to Fiverr.

The person who received your messages probably reported your message as spam. Unfortunately, that’s all it takes for Fiverr to take such messages into consideration toward issuing you a spam ToS violation.

Progress/growth can only be achieved if you acknowledge/realize your mistake(s) and work toward rectifying them. Being oblivious of them or vehemently denying them is going to be of no use to you.

Good luck in your future endeavors! :four_leaf_clover:


OP is talking about ‘CS’ not ‘buyer’
OP means he messaged CS 2-3 time.


My bad. Thanks for pointing that out. I’m not gonna lie. Sometimes, it is kind of hard to fully comprehend what the OP is saying.

However, I think that the rest of my message still makes sense. If the recipients (of the OP’s messages) reported his messages as spam, Fiverr have all the proof they need to issue a ToS warning. :crying_cat_face:

Somehow, I feel like the OP is not being entirely forthcoming. I feel like there’s more to this than what he is willing to share with us.


I don’t understand. Your tos warning for sending spam messages and we can not asses if that’s true or not.

But what bothers me is that they never ban for single violation as sending spam messages. I think you are hiding something and had one or 2 other TOS warnings.