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Last minute gigs


So this month was a bit slow for me, but it was OK since I was quite busy getting ready
for Christmas, New Years etc.

Having that said, I was hoping to get just one or two more just so things will look better ( and I can feel a bit less nervous) for the upcoming evaluation.

I got 2 orders and I think I will be able to finish both within this month.
The overall sales are still lowers than the previous month, but it’s still a nice way to
end the year.

For the guys that had lower sales this month, are you getting any last-minute orders? :slight_smile:


Yea just got 1 now. Last minute indeed


I have had a few here and there in the last few days. Not many though.


I just got one more last night. Not much, but that’s another grateful little drop added to the bucket! I hope you get several more too before this year ends :slight_smile:


no order since Xmas eve, hope got 1 or 2 before end of this year. :smile: