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Last page stay my gig

When Today I check my gig and it is stay last page and I have no any order. So, Please solve my problem any one how can i get again my gig rank first page.


You share your gig on social media and send ten buyer requests every day. I hope Your Success.


Yes, I am doing it everyday

Nooooo stop it.

This doesn’t even get one sale let alone many and even if it did increasing sales doesn’t put you on the first page. There is zero evidence in increaes you ranking at all.

Stop parroting lies about things you are totally clueless about. It won’t get you sales to try to convince people you are knowledgeable and successful in the forum. So stop it.

Also, it’s pretty rich that you are giving advice on how to rank when you don’t even have any sales or reviews. Maybe advice should from actual success and logic? Just a thought.


Hi. you share your gig on social media.

And then the next reply is

“Hi. you share your gig on social media.”



share your gigs in social media site, and you have to active regularly

No you don’t.

You obviously don’t read threads before posting.

Stop giving bad advice about things you don’t understand. Posting on social media does not change your ranking.

Parroting myths isn’t going to make sales.

Unfortunately, that’s the way the forum is. People give advice on things they don’t understand and they don’t even read threads before responding to them.

I literally just explained why this is bad advice but she couldn’t be bothered to read it.

Why do people give advice about things they don’t understand?!


:woman_facepalming:t2: Why do people repeat and repeat and repeat the same bad advice? :thinking:

The people you know on social media are your family and friends. I would never post my gigs there as my family and friends do not need my services. Neither would I want them to feel pressured to order from me.

In addition, as you can see from the responses I numbered two of you gave the same advice as was already stated by @lead_master98. Please read the posts before yours to make sure you are not repeating someone else.

Far better advice is to take the information in this video to heart and learn from it.

No one here knows exactly how the Fiverr algorithm works. But this seller asked CS why our gigs move from the first pages to later pages and this was the answer support sent them.


Because they saw it posted on the forum by another Fiverr Guru with 2 reviews :slight_smile: Or someone from YouTube that created a video just to monetize it, misleading people in the process.

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Try to active 24 hours in Fiverr Pc or Mobile. Share your gigs in social media with right way not randomly. Send 10 buyer request daily.

Here’s a thought.

Your Gig shows up on the last page.

That’s better than not at all.

I don’t care where my Gigs appear as long they appear somewhere.


:woman_facepalming:t2:. @awal_ali Please do not listen to this bad advice.

I agree, my gigs are all removed from search. So it’s way worse.