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Late 100?

Is it for me only or you all facing it ?

According to new “Late policy” looks like fiverr use late value to move sellers down in organic search. Looks like old sellers who have money on Fiverr will be proposed to pay for promotion very soon )

Support don’t answer me for more than 3 days regarding withdrawal issue, looks like it is time to move somewhere else, until Fiverr fix all bugs.

It looks like they fixed this one, it’s no longer there.

[EDIT] = Fixed

Not fixed for me. Showing 1 late delivery which never happened.

I got it too. Post here…

You’re not the only one.

same here!

Wow I got it too! How do you come to that conclusion @zilana_design

:slight_smile: glad they fixed it , continue your business in beast mode my friends.

i have still 0. i never did late delivery yet.