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Late because of buyer indecision and constant changes!



I relatively new to Fiverr and so far I’ve always had a effective response to buyers requests (either messages or work) but I just got a buyer a few days ago that is constantly changing things and doesn’t really now what he wants (although is seems to be a nice guy and have been polite so far) and because of these constant changes my delivery is quite late!

What shall I do? I’m receiving alerts from Fiverr and my gigs are getting deactivated!

Thanks for any help.



If he’s not telling you what you want just deliver what you have and tell him to request a modification when he’s decided, and you’ll happily deliver the finished work for him.

If the order has affected your gigs/rating in any way - contact customer support and tell them what happened and that the buyer would not give you the information for you to deliver the work on time. They will handle it and hopefully revoke any penalties against your rating/profile etc.!