I have a question.
I have this order I had to cancel, but apparently the buyer won’t come back and won’t hit the cancelation button. I know it will be cancelled automatically, but why it says “LATE” now and will it affect my score?


I think it’s a bug (not sure though), it’s best you bring it up to Customer Support! :slight_smile:


I too an confused by this. I would withdraw the cancellation and again offer it to get rid of the LATE notice, or I would contact customer support and let them cancel it.


Fortunately the buyer hit the cancellation button but I still don’t know what would happend if he wouldn’t.


I don’t either. I have not let one go that long.


Either I can’t say anything. Never gone through this case.

So contact customer support as said above.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


I have faced this situation many times. Let this order cancelled automatically it won’t affect your ratings.

Cheers :slight_smile: