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Late cancellations no longer appear?


I noticed that competitors in my category have recently had their “Canceled Order - seller failed to deliver on time” reviews wiped from their gigs. Is this a new function of the review system that I missed?


I doubt it. I still see tons of them on various sellers:


Thanks for the reply! This actually, I believe, is only affecting newer orders that are not older than 1 year. Anybody else know anything official?


I still see late cancellations that are recent, too. Perhaps you could ask Support for clarification.


I actually reached out to the individual whose profile I noticed the occurrence, and this is what he said attached — so I can confirm at least some of those “reviews” are being removed. Whether or not he understand why, still unsure… though he thinks it’s a new system as well. I guess I’ll ask support, sometimes they aren’t very transparent surrounding certain mechaincis though.


That seems very unfair for buyers, and for other sellers who haven’t received negatives for delivering late.