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Late deliver consequences


Recently I received an order. Today it was decided to be completed. Multiple information was pending from client and was not provided till last moment, so 6 hours before end time I requested extension for 1 day through resolution center. The buyer was not active for a whole day so the request was neither accepted nor declined. Due to this I delivered draft deliverable after time of order and became late by 1 minute.

So my question is that if the seller accepts my request will the delivery remains late or this time will be compensated.

Also what will be effect of late delivery on my profile/gig.


Did Fiverr email you that the order is late? Sometimes you deliver after a few minutes and there’s no consequence.

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No I didn’t received any email from fiverr that I’ve delivered the order late.

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If there’s no LATE delivery thing on your order page and you didn’t receive any email that you missed the deadline, then there’s no late delivery.

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As far as I remember… only the first delivery needs to meet the deadline?

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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