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Late Deliveries-Need Advise from Expert Sellers


Hello everyone. I’ve recently been having a problem with late deliveries and would like some feedback as to how to improve on this. My gigs are late for one reason or another. For example: I deliver a project to a client and he/she takes the full two days to review and then request a revision. I realize although the work was delivered on time, this marks it as late. Also, I didn’t know that I should allow the clients to accept the gig extra before delivering the file. Example: I write stories and plots with plots being my bestseller. The gig is for 2k words but often it goes beyond and I ask the client if they wish to extend. I finish the story though to get the right amount of words to let them pay for the gig extra. When they accept the gig extra, it marks it as a new order and then the gig is registered as late. (This happened today). My on-time delivery is now red at 77%. I’ve 5-star response even when a work is late because I practice good rapport with my clients. I just need to make better decisions I think.
I know late deliveries affect your gig placement? Does it affect anything else? Thank you!


@shashanewallace it’s all depend on buyer when he/she check the delivery so don’t warry about


Hey, as far as I know, when you deliver on an order and the buyer requests a revision, Fiverr will give you that “LATE” message on the order, but it doesn’t actually affect your statistics. I’m pretty sure it just serves as a reminder to get the revision back to the buyer as fast as you can.

As far as allowing clients to accept gig extras before delivering- I’m pretty sure you’re right about that. It’s taken me by surprise a few times, and has impacted me negatively in the past. Something Fiverr should take a look at, in my opinion.


I think while creating Gig extra you can add extra one day.


Yeah- this is what I do to avoid the aforementioned problem, but definitely be extremely careful with this. Last time, I added an additional day because they wanted the delivery in a .WAV file and I didn’t want to have the order marked as late. They accepted, and stupidly, I had forgotten I had added the extra day. So, when looking at my dashboard, I prioritized the order as though I had an extra day to deliver, failing to realize that in the buyer’s eyes, this was late. I resolved the issue, but man, I felt pretty bad.


Yeah, someone said it above… Sounds like you need to not only offer the extra and offer the price, you also need to set the “for an additional x days” so extra work means extra time on the project as a whole. Less late time.

Another tip - I can do most jobs in about 5 days at the most BUT i set and explain to clients during the initial conversation before even taking the job, that i like to leave some time in the deadline to give them a look at the work and make suggestions BEFORE we ever get into delivering the job and formally “requesting revisions”. Has served me well thus far. GoodLuck!!