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Late Delivery 1 day

Hi! There

I have one question, is late delivery affect our account?

Let me know your views.


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Yes, it does. Why do you even have to ask? Fiverr has a deadline system in place for every order, because they want orders delivered on time. If you deliver late, you will be penalized.

Make sure you deliver your orders on time.


Yes, and I’m the king of late deliveries. In the past, I didn’t ask buyers to extend delivery times because I was embarrassed or figured I could get an order finished if I worked through the night.

Doing the above almost wrecked my Fiverr career. Even if an order is past-due, send a request to extend and explain you don’t want to rush a buyers’ work.


Yes. For late delivery, you will lose your customers and they will not buy your service in the future.

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If you think an order is likely to go late it’s best to send a request to extend the delivery time before it does, giving enough time for the buyer to see it before it goes late.


Yeah i also think there was some kind of penalty or at least i’ve heard of


@jonbaas thank you for your suggestion… i really appreciate it. I just have 2 late delivery but i will deliver on time from now on… thank you😊

@cyaxrex hey, that’s sounds cool. I have only delay 2 orders till now but from now on i have to extend time as you said if the project will not finish on paticular deadline. Thanks!

@shahriar_shakil Yeah that’s true but i will learn from my mistakes… Thank you so much.

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@uk1000 yeah that’s better. Thank you so much for your suggestion.


@kawaiijan hey, can you tell me what kind of penalty?

It it will affect the stats on the analytics page and the dashboard it’s delivered late (stats will change when it’s complete) and if on-time <90% in the last 60 days it can cause a demotion or cause you not to be able to increase your level during that month’s evaluation.


Ok. Welcome, brother…

Yes. Late delivery will down your account. also sometimes your order could be cancelled by the buyer.