Late delivery customer never provided info


I have order that has been open for almost a month. I have sent in several requests for assistance on this order to no avail. I have requested info to complete the job from the buyer also to no avail. I have finally reach out to her and advised her as to how this has killed my rating but she has failed to send required info. Yet she cancels and leaves a negative rating. This is by no means fair especially after i have exhausted every effort to resolve this with the help center and the client. How can I be held accountable for something that I don’t have the information for. And I have no ability to respond to her comment. I am pissed to no end. yes its one point but the one thing that I strive is my quality of work If I’m late 95% is on the client. I will fight this one til the end…


contact with fiverr cs and tell them whole story they will remove bad review


Feel sorry for the issue you have faced.

Many sellers discussed about this under several topics which is beyond our control.

Best thing you can open a ticket and and inform the CS. When they receive complains from many sellers conmen issue then this will lead them to implement any solution for us to come out from this.


Same issue occured with me before some month ago but now i have made a new fiver account .
I think u sould do also


I did just that and they send me a generic reply in regards to cancellations and policies. My correspondence was never read. so basically its like “too bad hate it for you.”


So in short creat new account thats is the solution i think


not understanding fiverr cs why not take action against like this kind of buyers


This is the main problem which i have lost my previous account too any modification in review how can we made


If the buyer is not responsive, it’ts better to ask for mutual cancellation.
Bad review hurts your gig more than a mutual cancellation.