Late delivery due to client being non responsive


One thing I hate about fiverr is that when your buyer does not respond to your draft? I do graphic design and always want my clients to be happy. I seem to attract buyers that dont respond quickly. This leaves me in a position of having late delivery most of the time.
I feel that the time should stop on an order if the client has not responded within 24hrs.
I despise seeing the message “THIS ORDER IS RIDICULOUSLY LATE” especially because its never really my fault. This effects my stats also.
I would appreciate peoples thoughts on this if any :slight_smile:


If you happen to offer unlimited revisions you can use the deliver button instead.


But the issue I have with that is that every time I deliver they get a final file which can be used. Then they can ask for changes and completely change design to an extent and then they end up with more than one final product. I just feel we as sellers are being punished due to buyers not responding, I even see some have logged in and not even replied, annoys me to an extent I feel I dont want to bother. does not motivate me in any way.


There is something called canceling an order.


/customisemytee I have a similar issue. I feel that the buyer has all the power. I’ve had situations where I’ve messaged the buyer with questions and they do not respond. The clock keeps ticking. I send the gig as is because of it. It gets rejected and revised, the clock keeps ticking. The ‘revision’ (I was offering one free one with my gig) turns out to be a rewrite, the clock keeps ticking. I then need to get an extension on the timeframe for completion, then Fiverr says I may need to adjust how long my gig truly takes cause somehow it will affect my rating if I do many of these requests. Really? Wow.


Yeah your correct the buyer has all the power. Unresponsive buyers are a real pain using the current system, and we are punished due to them.


But then you have done work for nothing. so cancellation should always be the last resort.


First off, buyers DO NOT have all the power. They do have some power, just as you do have some power. If the buyer is unresponsive and the order is almost running late, you can deliver the draft for the time being and tell him to request a revision with his thoughts on your draft. That way, the order doesn’t run late, you don’t lose money from cancellation, and you don’t have to deliver multiple final copies. Every business has its issues, you have to get creative to deal with them.


But when a source file has to be included its different.


Seller’s power:

  • Leaves review after buyer & has option to revise review, where buyer do not.

  • Disclaimer that buyer are REQUIRED to check saying no revisions are allowed without seller’s permission & maybe subject to additional charge.

  • Option to have Customer Support cancel order which will have no effect to seller

You determine success or failure, not the buyer.

If you feel like buyer has all the power, than you are right, we do.

If you feel like you have all the power, than you are right, you do. Your actions and behavior can be sensed by what you WRITE.


How do you manage to get an unresponsive buyer?

Surely the order can’t start until they’ve submitted their order requirements? It just stays in limbo until they do submit their requirements, so therefore can’t go late.


Why does the source file have to be sent with the initial delivery? If you’re just sending a draft, can’t you send an alternate format to show what it will look like?

Also, if a buyer isn’t responding, I’d send a dispute extending the deadline when you get within a day of the delivery time.

Finally, I’m not clear why anybody offers unlimited revisions. I assume you’re above average in terms of the quality of your work.

If a client can’t get it right within 10 revisions, I doubt they will ever get it right. That means they have no idea what they want, and just want you to generate ideas for them.

If you don’t respect your ability to get something right, why would a client take you seriously? Or care enough to give you decent instructions. They have zero incentive to get things right to you early in the process, since you’ll revise it until they are happy.

Sellers have plenty of power. I offer ZERO free revisions. I want the client to get the instructions/script right.

I want super happy clients, so I’m not just saying “no revisions” to make more money. I want them providing great instructions, and making sure their script is well thought out, so I can do an excellent job for them.

I lose money on most revisions (time vs. extra money).

It’s also possible you are simply too cheap and not attracting the buyers who want quality. There ARE a set of buyers who appreciate excellence, and realize it may cost a few dollars more.

If you’re too cheap you attract those who are not looking for quality, and often less responsive because the project means less to them. (I have NO idea how you compare to your peers).

YOU get to position yourself via your pricing, gig offerings, revision policies, and how you respond when a buyer doesn’t take their end seriously.

Sorry to be so blunt… But you have plenty of say in how this thing works.


Excellent post Lisa and I heartily agree!


I once had a client who placed an order, left instructions, and disappeared. I normally have no problem with that 'cos I just do the job and deliver until whenever the client returns. But this particular client required I download something to begin his work. That “something” proved to be close to 3GB worth of data. Now, this was way more than I expected and the cost of this was not covered in his payment. I told him about this; got no response; order started to run late; I canceled. It was simple, if he is unresponsive, offering no suggestions or explanation, then there was no need for me to bother with the job.

I DO NOT expect to have many unresponsive buyers and I hardly need to have them responsive either. My gig requirements go a long way to giving me every information I need for an order. You should do the same. Buyers hate to answer plenty questions when the order is already going, so make your gig requirements satisfactory enough that you need no other info. What @lisabaarns suggests is a good way to go. But if your requirements do not provide you with clear enough instructions, that too is doomed to failure.