LATE DELIVERY even though I delivered within a few hours


Is this a bug? A countdown for my order started at 17:29 October 19, 2013 and I delivered the order 22:09 October 18, 2013. Yet it says LATE DELIVER (buyer asked for modifications three days later and that was when the coundown showed DELIVER LATE)


Naah, would if I could, trust me things were way better back in 1890. :confused: Haha sorry about that, it should be the other way around naturally. So:

Order placed and countdown started:

22:09 October 18, 2013

Order delivered:

17:29 October 19, 2013

(I’m in Sweden. Not sure how to configure the settings for time zones and whatnot here, but if my math is correct I delivered within 24 hours, no?)

I’ve had all my gigs marked as express gigs, now I only have one express gig. So looks like I haven’t grasped how it works just yet. ’

  1. When I deliver, the countdown stops, right? So far I’m following.
  2. But if the buyer asks for a revision and requests a modification (happens all the time as I do graphics, they want change in font, colours, pics, composition - so I often do get these requests), will the countdown start again from where it previously stopped?

    !!!) Strange thing is, I do get many modification requests and in those the countdown is standing still. In other mod requests, it ticks down …! Not consistent = making it extremely confusing.

    ?) So if I offer an express gig and deliver within 24 hours and the buyer waits two days to request a modification - I will be “late” and the buyer can without further ado cancel the order and get his/her money back, whilst still keeping the product I delivered? Meaning I spent 1 hour on a flyer and got 0:- for it.

    ?) If the delivery is marked as LATE; does this affect my rating in ANY way at all?


Awaiting answers :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: Of course I’m not. That’s why I post on the forums, hopefully the more members that shed light on this the more attention will we get from Fiverr :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: Can I jsut ask, if you lose the express status can it ever come back for that gig?




Reply to @madmoo: OK thanks for that. Its yet another problem with the whole Fiverr site that needs changing. I had no idea my gigs were express.

Suddenly orders started coming in and one person ordered 3 at once. I had 9 to deliver and was late with the very last one after staying up most of the night. The express status was lost and the orders stopped.

If the Fiverr system makes someone’s gig Express, they should be sent a message telling them and letting them know of the penalties for being late etc, i.e. an explanation of what it means to have an express gig.

Thanks for the reply anyway :slight_smile:



So basically no body knows how a gig gets labeled as express … Any mods that would like to clarify? It’d be of great help you know …


Reply to @kjblynx and madmoo: I actually do believe that the “higher ups” as you call them see more than we think they do which was the sole purpose of this thread but it doesn’t seem to have worked as no one has delivered a definite response. Mystery is yet to be solved … Maybe I should send in a support ticket, although I dont want to bother them with details like these, I’m sure they’ve got a lot of other things on their mind :slight_smile: