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Late Delivery feedback should expire for active sellers


Late Delivery feedback should expire for active sellers. I personally have never delivered a project late but in some circumstances not even necessarily the sellers fault, the project is delivered late. My suggestion is that after x number of months if the seller is still actively selling on Fiverr, the late delivery feedback should automatically expire as the seller has been showing over x number of months consistency in delivery, thus not really warranting the bad feedback anymore. Thoughts?


I disagree. Removing late delivery feedback is misleading. If 1 year ago you delivered 500 out of 501 gigs late, I’d like to know. I would not like those to fade into oblivion because some time had passed.

There is no reason for a gig to be marked as a late delivery. Even if it is not the seller’s fault. Hit deliver, then write the buyer that the actual delivery will occur upon completion of instructions.


@cheezees Well, I was referring to those that might have just had one or two at some point. I would say if they have an overly excessive amount that it shouldn’t be removed. Some people might have 5 to 6 late but still have it hurting them a few years later. I saw one person state that they had an unfortunate accident and weren’t able to access a computer for quite some time, thus all their pending orders became late and it ruined their feedback. Other’s may not realize the full impact of a late order or know that it leaves such a feedback that could effectively hold them back from getting the levels and exposure they’re looking for.