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Late delivery - fiverr bug?!

Hello, I just had late delivery on Fiverr, but not because of my fault! I didn’t see that the order was late, and I even have screenshots from the same time… Does anything similar happen to someone before? Hopefully client won’t give me some negative points…



Hi, What you’re describing (and showing) does seem like a glitch to me, altho I’m not a tech person. I’d suggest you contact customer service (link on bottom of every page) & open a ticket. Be sure to send the screenshots you’ve grabbed. If you get any negative feedback about this, be sure to ask CS to fix that, also. Because Fiverr does not seem to optimized for all web browsers, another suggestion would be to clear your cache & cookies, sign out then sign back in again. CS almost always asks you to do that for technical issues anyway, so if that doesn’t fix anything you can tell them when you fill out the complaint. Another thing they usually ask you to do is try using a different browser, usually Chrome. That’s up to you.

And just for future reference, it’s better if you erase any customer or personal information before posting screenshots.

Good luck~

Well, this could be well down to what I describe as the ‘varying clock’ syndrome. It happens occasionally that the clock is 6 to 12 hours ahead of real time.

I submitted a ticket to CS when that happened because it might have caused my order to show as ‘late’.

To prevent this, I frequently refresh my browser while working on an order. I am particularly careful when I have only got like 12 hours left. This seems to do the trick for me.

CS told me that these time differences are due to time differences related to the servers.

Other than that, the two times an order went late on my side, the buyers were fine with that. In my case, they even suggested that I took more time than the time displayed on my profile.

It is a good thing that you have taken screenshots, and I do admit that it is kind of scary when it happens. Buyers may cancel of it, but I can assure you that many will not.

I hope things work out for you the way they did for me.