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Late delivery from 1 to 2 hours

Hi, I have completed my work, but as per my routine practice, I let my buyer check whether it is according to his requirements or not, once he OKs, I deliver. Usually, I finished my work within hours but still, I let my buyer respond first before delivering. Now since yesterday my buyer is not responding and my delivery is more than 1 hour late, what should I do, (I requested the extension but buyer is still not responding). Plus tell me will it effect my profile or gig negatively.

You should deliver your order once it gets done and not wait for the response instead. Remember that you can always provide them with revisions. And yes your profile and chances of evaluation shall get affected you deliver you orders late


One of my friends said, delivering late within 4 hours wont effect anything as it’s a buffer time, do you know any such thing?

I haven’t heard of anything like buffer time yet

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It still counts as a late delivery.

I let my buyer check

Have you been sending finished work via messages? You should only ever send finished work with the deliver option. As someone else said, if the buyer wants any changes then they can request a revision. There’s no reason to put yourself at risk of delivering late.

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Yes, I was delivering through messages

Never do that. It would be very easy for a buyer to take that work and and cancel the order - meaning they get your work for free. It’s not worth the risk.

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Ok, but he is a returning buyer, maybe this time something happened to him.

Or they are busy. I’m not saying this particular one is trying to scam you, just that you’re making it very easy for people to do.

Deliver the work with the deliver button. Revisions exist for a reason - you’ll just have to accept that this particular order is going to be marked as a late delivery.

On that note, I recommend you stop offering unlimited revisions. All that does is attract bad buyers.

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You must never send completed work in a message - regardless of whether you trust the buyer or not. Simply deliver the order, and if the client wants a revision then they request that through Fiverr. Buyers requesting a revision is perfectly normal practice, and as far as I know does not affect your seller stats in any way.

As for delivering up to four hours late not affecting your stats, that is a load of rubbish. One second late and it will be recorded as a late delivery.