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LATE Delivery ! Guide me :

A customer ordered my gig and he fills out the requirements in-correctly so basically he didn’t provide the information needed for creating a website for him. I told him to provide the hosting and domain information he didn’t respond. Except for this message
"before I buy a domain, I have to choose a WordPress payment plan. which one do you recommend?"

I guided him and recommended the best. Since then the time was ticking and now the order is marked late. I requested him to extend the delivery but he didn’t respond!

What to do now!


Dispute and send time extension offer. And send a message that accept this time extension request so your account will not get affected because of the buyer late response.

If nothing happens then just contact Customer Support and ask them to cancel this order.


Go Resolution Center and send time extensions offer.

This happend With me after that buyer understood the concern and accept time extensions!

So be patience… May be buyer busy with something.


I already did that Let’s see if he respond’s to it :slight_smile:

Still no response . His Last Seen 2 days ago…

I have same situation. I was developing website for a guy, that changed his requirements after delivery. When i asked him about this new website sections he was ignoring me, after two days I asked him if he could answer my questions, he responded with “No.”. It is frustrating but all you can do (which support told me) is cancel this order which will affect your cancellation rate badly. I don’t know why we are supposed to get punished, but yeah… I know what you feel.

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Cancelling it will affect my stat’s I am trying to avoid that,it’s already marked late !

Yea, i don’t know which is worse in this situation - client or fiverr system.

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There are rules if buyer change requirements after delivery they have to pay to seller for that change… Did you charged him for that?

No because he was ignoring me. Support didn’t help much too.

I am still stuck in the situation of the buyer not responding to the extension and the order is already marked LATE :frowning:

There is not much you can do. If you cancel the order, your stats will go down, if you contact the CS they (maybe) will cancel an your stats will go down as well.


That’s the reason I am still Waiting for him to respond .

Contact CS team and tell them buyer’s are not responding my status shouldn’t be down.
I hope they will understand… If they don’t cancel the order…everybody knows Fiverr always in the side of Buyers…

I faced the same situation with my 1st order last year this month. And it was cancelled! And I am Level 1 seller now. So don’t lose hope…

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You will face this kind of incident lots of time… Sometimes buyer will come & accept your offer and sometimes they will vanish! So prepare yourself…

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Thanks for your brief Response :slight_smile: Much Appreciated !

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