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LATE Delivery issue

See I made offers according to buyer request even also did changes according to buyer requirements.

But now the buyer is not responding from the last 30 days and it also shows me LATE. And if I’m not wrong it’s impacted my profile which I never want, as a growing up seller because I’m working hard to develop.

I never aware of this issue but I also don’t want to send a warning to buyer through Fiverr even.

Can anyone suggest to me how can I skip this LATE tag & also get the payment?


NOTE: Almost 25 days back i send Support Requests but I didn’t get proper ans!!

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You can’t really skip the late tag, since it’s late for a month already.
But can you also explain why it’s late? Did the buyer ask for revisions and you didn’t deliver those?

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I do according to buyer comments but buyer told me to hold, he also waiting for his buyer comments. After that no more reply from him!!

Then I would just deliver the last version of the order you delivered already with a note saying:
“Since I’ve been waiting for 30 days now and still didn’t receive any updates, I will deliver the completed order once again.”

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Thanks a lot for your suggestion, but honestly I’m worried about the LATE tag is that any way possible to skip!!

Yeah, if you deliver in time.

Well, have you actually used the “deliver now” button when you delivered and then the buyer asked for modification or did you only send the file as a normal attachment in a message?

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I just send in conversation message as we did regularly for smooth development!!

That didn’t really go as smooth though, did it?
You need to actually deliver the orders, don’t just send them as an attachment, ever!
After delivery, the buyer can click on a button to request modifications and then the timer doesn’t technically run anymore. This way you can avoid that revisions let your order run late, because it’s counted as “completed in time” as soon as you deliver.

If you only send the file as an attachment and don’t actually click the deliver button, the timer keeps running and your order will run late, not to mention the buyer can cancel the order because you didn’t technically deliver anything.


So what i should do now!!

Actually deliver the order, the last version of the order to be precise and learn from this mistake. I’m afraid there isn’t much more you can do.

OK thanks, :pray:
Lets see what happens and actually i"m not that much experience in FIVERR