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Late delivery like a boss

I preach to sellers all day long not to be late on their deliveries and lo and behold I ran 50 minutes late on someones order.

The surprising thing is it didn’t show up in analytics as a late delivery.


It will show up when the order will be marked as complete.


Lucky it didn’t. maybe Fiverr gives you 1 hour grace period. Do you have a different experience? No penalty

No they don’t. Did your client already marked your order as complete and left a review?

Maybe it’s something like that, thanks

You answer seems very unrelated to my questions :thinking:
Did your buyer marked your order complete and left you a review?

Hi, no it wasn’t marked as complete and buyer hasn’t leave a review yet.
The order was in red font on my dashboard indicating it’s overdue.
Is it still a lucky escape?

If it still isn’t marked as complete it won’t show in your stats. I think it will affect your stats either as soon as the order gets set to complete or possibly when the stats are run again in the morning after the order is set to complete.

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No it’s not. As I said it will for sure affect your stats as soon as your order will be marked as complete


Okey dokey