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Late Delivery / Mutual Deadline Extension

I think it would be a great feature if there is the possibility to mutual extend the delivery deadline. this would end the ongoing problems / discussions about late deliveries (even they’re delivered in time but needed changes)

it is very often simply not possible to stay within the timeframe because there are so many factors they cant calculate. (Responsiveness of the buyer etc.)

Thats why i have to say… "Add a Mutual Extension of Delivery Time"

Thanks Andy

I totally agree with you Andy. Sometimes the buyer sends you more than one jobs in the same order to be completed within the same time-frame as for a single order. The jobs are already paid for and the clock starts ticking and there is no way, except for mutual cancellation, to get an extension of the deliver time from Fiverr even though you have discussed this with your buyer and there is an agreement for an extended period. Some buyers are just do not like the mutual cancellation thing

This issue needs to be urgently addressed by Fiverr.


I think this is clearly is something sellers should receive some support by fiverr.

I mean i have a delivery rate of 92% the missing 8% are completely from projects that are delivered after deadline caused through changes (discussed with the buyer before) and all rated with 5 stars. So they all were more than happy.

OMG I couldn’t agree more. Such a simple thing to do. Mutual Deadline Extension. Or some other kind of system where we can deliver an order on time, but note it: Buyer Unresponsive, Forced to Deliver To Avoid Fiverr Timer Penalization. Or something like that. Also yes, I wish there was a way for us sellers to prevent a buyer from ordering multiple gigs with the same amount of time. Either force the seller to contact us first, or automatically multiply the timer for each gig. So three, 3 day gigs would get a 9 day timer. So simple.

Oh, I hope, I hope that they will help us.