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''late delivery'' need help

I have a problem on my delivery time.Order delivery time is 8 hours late. After 8 hours i go to resolution center and request for extend the time. If the buyer accept the request will it be a late delivery. is it impact on delivery time?


If the buyer accept, then also it’ll be marked as a late delivery. In this case when i don’t have time for waiting of buyer response - I deliver an incomplete delivery & explain the reason for not completing the full project. After that I send him request for extending delivery time. I think it’ll be a good practice :slight_smile:


Since it’s already late then no matter what the outcome of your request is (remember the buyer may reject it) the order will be marked as a late delivery.

You shouldn’t wait till the timer rubs out to ask for an extension.


Did you not read the post carefully or are you just here to spread misinformation?

The order is already 8 hours late.


Since it is already 8 hours Late Delivery, so if buyer accept the extension offer the late time will be deducted from that extension…


Yes but the order is still already late so the metrics will take a hit. The delivery on time rate will take a hit.


I was too busy that’s why i just forgot. My bad luck :frowning: . Thanks for you information @frank_d .


Okay, how many days i have to wait for 100 percent delivery rate?

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You don’t have to wait, the counter won’t go back to 100% unless you deliver orders on tine from now on.

So you need more orders and you need to deliver them on time for the next 60 days at least.


Maybe you should visit the learning center and read on all the stuff you don’t know about.

Seems like there’s a gap in your knowledge and understanding of basic functions on this platform.


Is there a better link than this: ?

Delivered on Time: This shows the overall percentage of orders delivered on time (past 60 days).

The order hasn’t been delivered yet. If the extension is accepted won’t it take that new no. of days delivery (new required delivery date) into account when it determines if the delivered order was delivered late?

Which link says that even if an extension is accepted it will be too late if the order was late (but not delivered) before the extension was accepted (ie. that the extension will really have no effect on those stats)?

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Are you seriously asking for a link to validate the fact that when a delivery is marked as late, asking for an extension won’t make it un-late??

The delivery is late once the timer reaches 0.

I can order from you right now, you wait till it hits 0 and then we can see who’s right.

Oh wait I forgot: :slight_smile:

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Why be so aggressive and impolite? You said to see the seller help centre. I looked and can’t find the link that says that after a time extension that extension won’t have any good effect if it isn’t accepted early enough. If you have a better link you can show it.


I added an emoji so you wouldn’t take offense, having remembered our recent encounter.

Now as for the link you are requesting, I can’t link to common sense. Sorry.

You are free to let an order hit 00:00:00 then try it for yourself.

Are you now saying I don’t have common sense on this forum where the TOS are required to be followed?

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hey mr @frank_d why are you behaving like this? what’s your problem?


I am not saying that at all.

All I said was that when the timer hits 0, the order is late even if you deliver a second later.

It will remain flagged as late even if a time extension request is accepted after the fact.

You are disputing that, to which I replied: feel free to try it on one of your orders.


Why am I defending common sense?

I answered your question and now something is wrong with me?

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Thanks for your help. I am facing lot’s of problem. so please leave it.

I wasn’t even talking to you but sure.

I will leave your thread.