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Late delivery [RESOLVED]

I do not know bad effect of late delivery. any one can describe me about late delivery.

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After the project is 24 hours late, It is very easy for a customer to choose “cancel”. This will cause an automatic negative review and your communication with the client will be stopped.

New customers do not know the different between cancelled and mutually cancelled.

Customers drag their feet with getting you the required materials quite often.

I do not let a new customer go past 24 hours late. I will send a mutual cancellation giving them an option to provide the material or mutually cancel.

With regular customers I will let the customer drag the project out as long as they need to. Even more than 30 days sometimes. The system doesn’t know why a project is late, many times you are providing multiple revisions, the customer may be changing logos, graphics, etc. To date I have seen no negative impact from the system for being late. It probably hurts your delivery averages.

I try not to be late on my part and each revision is well under 12 hours.

You have an opportunity to create an incredible experience for your customers and enhance your customer base on Fiverr. Referrals, Repeat Clients, and Resellers are Gold on the site. I have had single clients order over 200 different projects.

thank you.

your kind attention please response, after delivery job as per my gig what i say, clever buyer cancel it or middle of the work he want cancellation, then what a seller do?

Reply to @gilcrist2227: did you deliver it on time or was it late?

If the buyer wants to cancel and does not ask for a revision, I would graciously except the cancellation. I know it is painful, but it may not reflect your work, it was just not a good fit for them. If it happens often, I would then look and see what the issue might be on your part.

Any other way of handling it will probably result in a hassle for the customer and a bad review for you. I just can’t put a price on a bad review. In my experience, after 1400 orders, refunds after the work was completed has resulted in about a dozen returns. It is painful because you lost the time, but for me it amounts to $.015 per $1 I make. It is worth maintaining the integrity and your ratings.

As crazy as it sounds, I have even given a refund 30 days after the customer marked it as complete. I just felt like it was the right thing to do. I really believe that someone should absolutely love it, or they shouldn’t pay for it!

i delivered on time

Reply to @gilcrist2227: Sometimes it happens. There are some buyers that are going to scam you. It seems to happen to all sellers every once in awhile. If it starts happening often then you have a problem and need to look at your gig descriptions and things like that, but if it’s just a one time thing, you just don’t worry about it and move on to all the other good buyers.