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Late delivery then Time Extension and Impact

If I do a late delivery then if I extend the time by discussing with my client, will it consider as late delivery?
Will it affect my gig of 10% buyer lower activity?


once the counting clock hit late, you are late.
You need to extend the deadline before the counting clock expire

Last time i lose my gig rank for this reason :frowning:

No, if you extend the delivery time with agreement of your client before the order is due you will not considered as late and that will not affect your stats.

If i do it after it, will it work? or counted as late?

If you deliver before it is due, will not be considered as late. When you extend the delivery time, your clock extends and if you deliver it while on green, will not be considered as late. You can extend delivery time more than once if you communicate it with your client and if it is delivered in that time frame will not be marked as late. This is from my experience, I maybe not correct. Thank you

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So I’m counted as late?

If you extend the delivery time after it your order already late…, Then Yes…, It still count as late.