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Late Delivery when order in disupute


Hey !
This is second time i noticed , when my Buyers Send Wrong "required info or Less information " i did opened dispute for " I didn’t receive enough information from the buyer " But The counter still running and i received email That you “Warning! You’re late in delivering order” is Functionality of Fiverr or it is a bug ?


I have seen the timer disappear always when sending a dispute. But it does still continue counting down, as it’s usually LATE if the dispute is resolved (Not cancelled). But I have never received a late delivery message because of it. Only a notification on fiverr saying you get less sales if you let orders go late.

May want to contact support or cancel the dispute and re-initiate it in case it bugged out first and didn’t pause the order properly.


It depends on how you disputed. If you asked the buyer to cancel then the timer should stop, if you asked the buyer to extend your delivery then the timer won’t stop.


This is what i received but if the buyer unable to respond the order will get Cancelled ,in result analytic will minus 1 percent from delivered on time or orders completed …


The timer only stops when you open a cancellation dispute! Any other type of dispute won’t stop/pause the timer.