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Late delivery will effect my gigs?


I sent one late delivery and now my on time delivery rate come down to 86%, does it effect to my gigs? And till next evaluation if I do every delivery on time or I don’t receive any order till next evaluation, will it make my on time delivery rate to 100%?


Yes, they will effect your gigs, visibility and orders.
The only way to fix this is deliver as much as possible orders within the delivery time in the next course of 60 days. This thing will effect an account for 60 active days.


And now after 60 days it will become 100% again?


Hi there,
If you will deliver your all the orders in time in the 60 days, Yes your Deliver on Time rate will be 100%. If you feel you need extra more time to deliver an order, you can use the Delivery Time Extending feature in the Resolution Center.


Can you tell me please that after passing these continue 60 days in which I sent a late delivery, will everything become 100% again ?


Hi again,
Your all the ratings are calculated for last 60 days. If you made a late delivery today, it takes another 60 days to clear. If you have delivered every order on time in last 60 days, your Deliver on Time rate will be always 100%. This is a simple math. You can calculate this yourself.

Orders Delivered on Time (Last 60 days) / All the Orders Completed (Last 60 days) x 100% = Deliver on Time %

When you deliver the orders on time as much as possible, your rate will go higher. But you should haven’t any late deliveries done in the last 60 days to get the 100% Deliver on Time rate.