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Late delivery



I have a gig that i am delivering for a client which is showing as late delivery. The reason the gig is late is down to the client needing longer time to get assets and so the client is aware of this.

However Just wondering if late delivery will a negative effect on my overall rating in search etc?



I don’t think it affects search rankings and such. However, If you have multiple late deliveries, it can affect your level I believe.


You can search on this topic, has been asked and answered many times.


It has absolutely no effect on your level at all, no matter how many gigs you have late UNLESS they cancel the gig due to late delivery. As long as it is sitting on your order page then Fiverr don’t worry about it. I have 41 ‘VERY LATE’ gigs right now, and I am top rated seller :slight_smile:


Ok Thanks


Reply to @ryangillam: I am not so sure you are correct on this.

“Seller’s rating is calculated based on a number of factors, including feedback received from buyers, amount of orders, and also orders cancelled and late deliveries.” - from the Fiverr TOS.

Late deliveries have an effect on your seller rating. Which, I believe can effect your levels as well, because levels are given based on certain criteria, including “excellent ratings and a great track record”.

Therefore, I do believe that if you have a certain amount of late deliveries, cancellations, etc… it can cause you to lose your level(s). However, I cannot say exactly how many late deliveries or cancellations cause a loss of level(s). This is something that only Fiverr knows, as they have their own algorithms and such for deciding things like this.


Reply to @ryangillam: Thanks! Thats reassuring. Turns our i had to cancel the gig because they wanted another 48hrs + extra thing which wasn’t originally in the gig or asked for in the instructions. Though am i right to understand canceling gigs is not good either?


Reply to @prohelper27: scary! i have had a few cancelations from buyers not reading my description when ordering!


Reply to @prohelper27: Thanks!


Reply to @arnevb: Ended up having to delete the gig in the end after spending 3 days on it. Hard work down the drain!


Reply to @madmoo: Yes thanks i have managed to stay clear of force cancelation. I have over 10 gigs which have been cancelled. Concerned this is effecting the fact that i have not progressed to a level 2 seller even though i have completed more than 50 orders and have 100% feedback! Madmoo can i ask you do you avoid force cancelation completely or are there times where you you have had to use it?