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Late Delivery

I work in the databases category where I write code for people. Unlike a logo or something subjective, when I write code it either produces the correct result or it doesn’t.

I am waiting on some clarifications from a buyer on the structure of the database and it’s pushed me over the deadline for delivering. If I cancel at this point, does it effect my ratings because I am over the deadline?

Should I just wait until they get back to me? I’m going to deliver something I know is incomplete, but with code if you don’t have all the answers you can’t always complete your task.

Any advice would be great!

I’d send what I had so far then tell the buyer you’ll send the rest when they get back to you.

Your only worry (if this is a one off) is that the buyer will cancel and leave you with an automatic negative feedback. Sending the work you have will prevent this from happening.

Of course, you could cancel if you wanted to, but seeing as you’ve already done some work on the gig…

That’s a good idea - I don’t really care about the money, I just don’t want bad feedback since the lateness is not really something I can control. I think I’ll deliver what I have and let them request modification.

Reply to @sara1984: Sara is right. The only think that can go wrong is the client cancelling the order after it is 24 hours past due. They won’t intentionally create harm, but this will leave an automatic negative review and Fiverr communication from you and the customer will stop.

With new customers, I do not let an order get beyond the 24 hour late make. I will go ahead and send a mutually cancellation stating that "I don’t have all of the information to complete your order. Please submit the information or we can mutually cancel. I look forward to working with you in the future."

With repeat customers, I take as long as the customer and I need to finish the project. Usually I am waiting on the customer. I have had orders that were more than 30 days past due and the fiverr system doesn’t take action on it. It will be averaged in your delivery time. I have delivered early in past situations, but now I don’t. I just really feel like it shouldn’t be delivered until it is complete.

Document everything on the order page, not in the private message. That way CS can easily see what is going on if you need their help. I have sometimes even summarized the situation in the last message to the customer just to make it clear when CS reviews. You don’t want CS having to read 10 messages and try to figure it out. They probably won’t read it.

Reply to @buzzkillington: You are right, focus on the ratings and the money will follow. You wouldn’t dare let me post a bad review if I paid you $5.00?

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Reply to @landongrace: I’m a very part-time seller so I’m not really doing it to make much money. I only made $2500 last year, so $5 is not much. But staying up toward the top of the rankings is pretty important to me.

In the end I delivered a partial file and the buyer was pretty cool with it because he knew he owed me some answers. Honestly the deadline crept up on me between another gig and my real job and before I knew it I was over the deadline.

Thanks guys and girls!