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Late due revision

Let’s say I have a gig in which I promise to deliver in 3 days. I sent the completed work to the client on the 2nd day. The client sends it back, asking for a revision, at day 2 and 20 hours. That means I have only 4 hours to revise the text (I’m in creative writing) and send it back. Which is often impossible and my order is flagged as late. Is there a way around it?

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If you deliver your initial order on time, additional revisions would not count as late.

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Are you sure? Because it always pops up as “LATE!” when a buyer asks for revisions from me even when I’ve delivered the original order on time. Then they ask for revisions after the original deadline and then I’M late because they want something changed. Sometimes they just want a PDF in addition to a Word Doc, and because of that I get late.

Yes, I’m sure. It says “LATE!” but it’s not marked as late in your statistics.