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Late Fiverr Support Reply = Seller is out their compensation

I completed the work for one of my buyers a day ahead of the deadline. When I went to submit, Fiverr gave me an error message: “For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly.” Note: I am a Level 2 seller, have completed nearly 500 orders, have a 98% positive rating and have brought in thousands of dollars to Fiverr.

Dutifully, I tried to submit my delivery again to the same error message.

I submitted a ticket to the Fiverr Customer Support page immediately. I updated the ticket SEVERAL more times. Finally, with the order gravely overdue, Fiverr Support got back in touch with me - ONE WEEK LATER.

And what was their answer? Turns out the buyer was no longer active and I am not going to be compensated for my work. At no fault of my own. With no offer of compensation from Fiverr, other than canceling the order with no effect on my ratings. Thankfully, this was only a $5 gig. If it had been anything more, I would be causing a much bigger fuss. Just a word: sellers are not well protected in this instance, and Fiverr should seriously take a look at their policy here.

I’m still 4 days on two tickets awaiting compensation, starting to regret I ever came here.

It happens. The buyer clearly was doing something against the Terms of Use and Fiverr banned their account, that is why you get that “privacy” message thing.

And this does happen once in a blue moon. If it happens all the time then you have to look at other things, but every now and then, even if you are in business for yourself you occasionally have a client who doesn’t pay and you have to go after them to collect the bill.

The thing is, Fiverr actually keeps the money in those cases. The seller gets no notification that the order should not be delivered. The buyer does not get a refund. The money just goes into Fiverr’s pocket.

At 30% per transaction, those pockets must be incredibly deep at this point. Possibly to be increased even more by breast cancer donations…