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Late in delivery - TIME GAP is my biggest enemy

Hi guys! I’ve been here in Fiverr for almost a month now and yesterday was my first time to deliver my work late. Not that it was not ready, but I sent a preview to the buyer and waiter for his/her reply. Unfortunately, we had 7-8h gap and I received the reply when I was already late of an hour for the delivery.

How to avoid that? What do you do in these cases? I would like to receive tips and info from you sellers. Also, how much does it affect your gig and sales?

Thank you!


Late deliveries affect your stats.

Your best bet is to increase your delivery time if this is often an issue - 2 days instead of 1. You can point out to buyers that it’s just wriggle room due to time difference, but you probably won’t take that long.


You could also deliver the preview and just offer a revision to the buyer in case they’d like changes. I did something similar when a buyer didn’t provide adequate information, and the order went smoothly from there.


This is basically screaming to Fiverr “BAN ME”. You are not allowed to send incomplete deliveries, this can get you a warning or even a ban right away.


She said that the work was complete. If something is done and needs client review, it can be delivered.


You said a preview… A preview is not a fully completed order. Hence what I said.

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A preview of a completed order can be done… I know sellers who complete the design and then send it to me for a preview. Also, take the context of the fact that the seller even said she was done with the work. I was correct in what I stated.


When confirming the order you can take 2 days more from buyer and after completing the order send the buyer for review and use those 2 days for and getting confirmation from buyer then deliver your order finally.


So it’s basically a complete delivery. Not a preview.

To you, preview may imply incompleteness, but that doesn’t mean that “preview” means incomplete for everyone, especially considering there isn’t anything in its definition that explicitly states it isn’t the product of someone being finished. It’s a matter of connotation.

Note also how the seller herself stated that the order was “a preview” and “ready.” Clearly my use of the word was valid (even if not in your world, in the context of this thread).

I am not sure why you are saying things like “my world”. Fiverr clearly states that every delivery needs to be the complete order. If it’s incomplete, the seller is breaching the TOS and can face a warning or a ban. It’s not in “my world”, it’s for the entire website, regardless of the category.


And by the way, I don’t want to argue. I just wanted to tell sellers that if they do send a partial delivery, they can end up with a warning or a ban.

Yes, and I was merely stating that her delivery was not partial (and therefore could be delivered) and that I was not referring to delivering a partial delivery, which is what you accused me of stating.

I didn’t “accuse” you of anything. You just said partial, and it’s easy for other people to confuse and believe that a partial delivery is ok. When it’s not. The context is different for you, but in general any partial delivery is not ok.

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You can increase your delivery time for your orders. Also always try to provide a complete work, so you’ll be able to deliver it, then the client will be able to request a revision.

My only problem similar to yours is when I provide express delivery and because of time zone, people write me before i go to sleep and some of them don’t provide me all of the requirements. Some of my clients has written just “-” in the text field of the requirements. I HATE that. In that cases I have to request an extension of delivery and hope the client will accept it in time.


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Under promise over deliver.
Increase your delivery time to a week and try you’re best to complete it in 2-4 days

You’ve made a rookie mistake. Always formally deliver your work.

Why? For the exact reason you’ve described. When you deliver your work the countdown clock stops. If the buyer is happy with your work - they accept your delivery. If the buyer requires a revision - then they will ask you.

Either way you protect yourself from receiving a late penalty. Remember, although you can control your response time - you can’t control that of your buyers.

And as @donnovan86 has pointed out, never deliver incomplete work.

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This is so true! Exactly the same problem. I usually receive orders right before going to bed and try to answer them asking them requirements ecc. Sometimes they even send orders without even sending requirements and I would have to wait for them to wake up and all just to proceed with the order. Ugh!!

Yes I’ll do it. Once I’ve completed the work, I’ll deliver it right away, without waiting for the buyer’s reply. Thanks!

Not send previews, do the work and deliver the full product and if there are changes that need to be made then the buyer can request a revision.