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"Late" means no rating or tips

Got to love it. My client makes the order late due to numerous changes on their part, then at the conclusion they’re unable to rate me or provide a tip. They had me create a fake order just to tip me. What kind of ******* company is this?

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Order will be marked late only when you don’t deliver it on time. If you let buyers request revisions before delivery then you need to change your delivery process.

  1. Buyer makes an order with requirements
  2. You do the work and deliver the order (Yes, you click on the DELIVER button)
  3. Now the countdown stops and buyer can request revisions.

If your process is different then you’re not using the platform correctly.


Yeah, except as I said, they ask for revisions past the delivery time as they changed their mind and I don’t charge more for that. So I’m getting punished because the client is indecisive.

Yeah… Then start charging (if you want to)! You could set up extras for such kinda requests.

I’m going to have to, it’s just irritating that I have to make my clients life more difficult. If I’m late and they have a problem with it, they already have recourse in the rating. This is just punitive without real reason.

Even if you set up extras for revisions, it is not like they will automatically get added whenever a buyer requests for an additional revision that’s not covered in your free revisions quota. You will have to manually add the extra revision charge by editing the order via the resolution centre.

:arrow_up: In such situations, you could choose not to add any extras to the order (even if the client requested for extra revisions). :smile:

Why are you late with your deliveries?
Buyers asking for revisions have nothing to do with you being late if you follow the process. Buyers get to ask for revisions AFTER you have delivered your order so you won’t be late.

And giving revisions to your clients is up to you.


Art delivered. 10 hours later, client requests change when I’m asleep. 8 hours later I deliver. Now multiply by x amount of days and that’s how you become late.

This is where the countdown stops. Everything after this doesn’t go under delivery time.

client requests change when I’m asleep. 8 hours later I deliver. Now multiply by x amount of days and that’s how you become late.

OK, it seems you don’t know what late means.
Order delivery is counted until the first delivery. What customer does after it has NO IMPACT to your delivery time


If you say so! lol. I’ve had it happen twice now. Time DOES pass after they ask for a revisions and SOMETIMES people sleep and have different time zones, but clearly I don’t know what late means so sorry I brought it up.

Despite what it says in the order timer, the order doesn’t get delayed any more once the order has been delivered. If the order was delivered on time, it doesn’t matter even if the buyer comes back 2 months later and requests for a revision… the order status would not change to “late.” (well, I am not sure if the timer would read “LATE,” but you wouldn’t be penalised for it).


It has been discussed multiple times on this forum :slight_smile:
I’m glad we were able to sort it out for you.

Yeah, this has been about as productive as expected. Worked with fiver for years, earned over 20k, but there’s a good reason my work is moving to other platforms. Just a shame seeing where this is headed.

I must agree with mdw_jason, time still passes even when you deliver, it stops only when the client accepts the order. So it becomes late if the buyer is just absent, i think.

No. Please do a search on this topic. It has been explained literally over 100 times.
If you deliver before deadline it will not impact your account stats (on-time delivery rate). You can do the final revision even 1 year later it has 0 impact to your delivery rate as long as the first delivery is within timeline.

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Frustrating? Yes. I am in apathy right now, I just accept whatever Fiverr throws at us - and building my other income streams.

So, you’ve worked with Fiverr and made some pretty nice money, but your problem is that the client had to buy another gig just to tip you and rate you? You know you can simply have a gig designated for tipping, right?

I am sorry, but that doesn’t seem like a Fiverr problem. I had been tipped and rated after client asked for revisions, it has nothing to do with it. Maybe your client didn’t knew how to do it. Nevertheless, it doesn’t sound like a big deal.

I know that Fiverr has a lot of rules that may or may not work in our favor, but like anything in life, our success is only determined by our ability to adapt.

" Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change." - Stephen Hawking

I feel sorry, but it will be marked as lack of strategy when you deal with clients in this manner