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Late or no deliveries, unprofessional approach

People like them commit to deliver in 9 days and after 18 days ask to cancel the order, strict action should be taken against them like ban for certain period and negative marking.
Lets see what fiverr does in customer interest.

The user tried to flag this content inappropriate from different users to hide his/her fault.
Here the company should interfere and investigate into the matter.
you can search the seller by name sara_20*****

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I understand this is frustrating, I had the same experience, 1 week late, wanted to cancel, in the end delivered in terrible quality. I was not happy I wasted my time on this seller, but hey, let’s move on. Look forward, to the future!
If you stand down to argue with them, (or CS) you will get nowhere. Your life won’t be better if this seller gets punished.

If one single seller is repeatedly doing the same thing, and there has been no customer satisfaction, why isint fiverr taking any step again the seller.
Either the seller should be banned permanently, or banned for like 15 days, negative ratings should be placed on repeated offences.
They should be penalized else people will hop to other freelancing sites easily.

I agree, if it happens repeatedly, Fiverr should do something about it. I hope they do.

If you cancel the order due to it being late (before the intial delivery), the system will automatically leave a negative review saying “cancelled, seller failed to deliver on time”.

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Agreed, but if i offer a gig to you to be delivered in 9 days and then i dont deliver it on time and every day i say tomorrow for sure and at the end i dont even reply to your messages. And when you say that you would cancel the order, I pop up and place the cancel request myself.
We had a product launch on 15 April and the delivery estimated was 9th April. Order date was 30 March. What can you expect out of a person like this.