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Late Order because buyer won't respond! Buyer placed an order for multiple images when price is for one

Hi, I’m fairly new to Fiverr and up until now, my experience has been mostly excellent.

I had a buyer place an order for photo editing two days ago but he placed the order for my cheapest gig and it only covers one image. He attached four and asked me to edit them all.

I politely messaged back to explain he could either choose one image for me to edit or he could pay extra for me to do all four. I sent an “extras” offer, with a discount. I’ve had this happen with a couple of buyers before and it’s worked out fine. This person, however, hasn’t responded. I sent another prompt yesterday just to check if they’d received my messages but again, no response and now today - the order is late.

I’d submitted a request via the resolution centre this morning (my first time using it) and it has not been replied to. The seller has been online a number of times but has not responded.

I’ve never had a late order before and Fiverr is showing me all sorts of messages about how it will affect me getting new orders and my reach will go down. I feel frustrated because I can’t help it!

I decided just to deliver one image just now as the timer keeps going. I gave an explanation referring him to my previous messages and attempts to contact him and explained that the cost only covers one image.

I had something very similar from another buyer a couple of weeks ago - same thing: multiple images at my cheapest price and no response from buyer. The timer got all the way down to 1hr to deliver so I caved and sent him three images because I was scared of having a late order. He just accepted the order and left no feedback.

I didn’t want someone to take advantage again this time around so I tried to be a bit more assertive with this buyer. Do you think some people are just chancing their luck - placing orders beyond the scope of the price paid and hoping sellers fulfil it to maintain their stats?

Has anyone had stuff like this before? What would you do?

Also - can anyone give me an idea about how much a late order can affect things? I feel like it already has because I normally get several enquiries a day and today: zero. :frowning:


Yes, I think that SOME buyers do try to squeeze 10 lbs of potatoes in a 5 lb sack. Some are cunning - they know that most sellers will cave in and do extra work without being paid due to either a cancellation or negative feedback.

What I would do if I were you, is get rid of the $5 Gig - make it a $15 Gig and offer to do 5 pictures.

Whenever I get someone who is asking for more than the Gig offers (which doesn’t happen too often, but, there are times people leave out certain info I have to have to do what I do) I always use the Resolution Center which “should” kill the clock for the time being.



I totally agree with you. These cunning buyers you refer to are more likely to prey on someone for something really cheap.

@leannemunro This buyer likely isn’t getting back to you because they were hoping you would just do the extra work for free. Once they see you aren’t doing that, they mess with you. It’s best to just cancel this kind of buyer and move on. If you price less cheaply and are a bit more firm and your gigs, you’re less likely to get this kind of buyer. I’m sorry this happened to you. It’s best not to negotiate with this type. You likely won’t achieve your goal and all it means is stress for you. It’s best to not enable this type. I know cancelling can affect your rating, but for your dignity, mental health, it’s best to cancel and move on. Just be sure to explain the issue in your cancellation resolution, so it is on record. These buyers shouldn’t be enabled because they are predatory.

Hi, Great Day!

With the experience of mine I can confidently tell you that if any buyer order a seller without leave a massage (without discussion about the project) please ask first to him/her for the price what you need for that project. But, if still he/she don’t agree with you or don’t reply, just you should contact to the Customer Support Center for Cancel the Order. They will cancel the order without any Negative Impression!

Happy Freelancing!

Just send them what they paid for if they are non-responsive.

That’s what Fiverr CS told me to do.

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Hi all, thank you for the supportive and helpful replies. It all worked out okay in the end, I did what personalletters suggested and only delivered one image. They accepted the order very soon after and left a positive review (which surprised me!). I actually felt bad after because I didn’t review them so favourably!

I wonder if perhaps this particular buyer just didn’t speak English very well. Their request seemed to be worded well but I have had buyers send requests which appear to be written by someone else and the replies take a very long time which suggests they’re getting help communicating with me.

I’m hoping that’s all that happened this time rather than somebody trying to take advantage because I know that happens too!

Sometimes the language barrier does make a client seem like they’re being rude, when really they’re just unsure. It’s hard to tell now and then, and it’s hard to give every buyer the benefit of the doubt as well, especially if you’ve been stung in the past.

I think you did the right thing here, and reviews are meant to be honest so try not to feel bad about yours!


I agree. It’s inherently risky and we have to think our quality of life, too.


Exactly it is risky!