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Late order (Closed)

By mistake the customer closes the order. Support does not want to remove negative feedback.
I sent you the proof that the customer wants to remove this negative feedback. I showed you that the customer has ordered again. More than this?

Hi there.

This is the forum. No one from CS will see this, take it into consideration or reply.

If you want to vent, then that’s your call.

By the looks of it you never delivered an order, two additional days went by past deadline and so the system automatically closed the order and gave you a 1-star review.

If that’s the case, then I think CS cannot revert it because technically you did jot deliver when you were supposed to, and technically it is not a review by the buyer.

The system punishes those who never deliver with a 1-star review.

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I’m here to show the wrong support system. The customer has accidentally closed the order. Together we contacted the support for the incident.

I am telling you, in order to help you figure this out, that the system closed out the order.

The telling sign being the automated text you got with your one star review.

That only happens when your order is late and you never deliver on it.

Did that happen? Did you in fact never deliver?

The order was late and the customer mistakenly closed the order.

If there is a customer desire to remove feedback, where is the problem? Support is not doing its job.

So your buyer actually typed in: “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!” ?

I think. I have no buyer experience.

But I repeat the customer wants to remove that feedback. Support does not do its job.

If I’m reading everything correctly, OP did send some designs, but not via the Deliver Now button. The buyer didn’t like them, but was willing to keep working with the OP. 2 days after the deadline, the buyer got the option to cancel the order, and clicked on it by mistake.

@alessio90, as far as I know, once it comes to the “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!” feedback, Customer Support doesn’t remove it, because it’s given when the delivery is seriously late (48+ hours after the deadline).


Sorry. I understand your frustration. However, @Frank_d has answered your complaint. Just try and read what he wrote with an open mind.

CS takes lateness very seriously. I think you should extend the delivery next time.

I doubt they will remove it.

I never deliver for review. I am flexible with all customers. Here we talk about accidental closure and the customer desire to cancel this error.

I have not had time. There is a 12-hour time zone between me and the customer.

Maybe you should review your approach to handling orders. Lateness is a big deal here, it is either you increase your delivery window or extend the delivery or simply deliver it.

I’m guessing you are trying to avoid bad reviews and ensure the client is happy with your delivery before actually delivering. It has its risks


This is not the problem. Here I talk about something else.

I deal with the same time difference, but the difference is, I handle things differently. Haha, that felt good.

Try and change your approach.

I’m sorry, my friend, but you did not understand the problem.

I do. You left an order to be very late. It got cancelled automatically (or your client accepted to cancel when fiver sent them the notification). Now you and your client are telling fiver to remove it.

That is probably not going to happen. They take the issue of lateness seriously.

You are trying to get rid of the sympthom and I’m simply advising for future orders.

I wish you good luck though.

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You’re supposed to. That’s how Fiverr works. You have to deliver via the Deliver Now button before the deadline, or ask for deadline extension though the Resolution Center on the order page.

With that feedback, it’s highly unlikely to happen.


I repeat that this is not the problem! Here I talk about something else. I do not need lecturing.

catwriter This is not the problem. I could very well extend the time, before delivering. I speak of closure by mistake.
In the screenshot I sent before, did you read the customer’s intentions to close the order due to the delay?