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Late order delivery

i did not respond customer in 3 days due to some problem but he did not cancel the order now i have send him his required design can he did not respond.will this order accept automatically or not?will this delivery effect my rating or not ? please help me.

Did you deliver the order late? In which case, this will have a negative impact on your ‘On Time Delivery’ statistic.

If you’ve delivered the work, and the buyer does nothing, the order will automatically accept after 3 days.

However, if you delivered late, and failed to respond to your customer for 3 days, they might well leave you a negative review.

Why did you not respond for 3 whole days? I see you don’t yet have any reviews, so this isn’t a great start for you. Communication is crucial in any kind of business, and even if something happens (personal emergency etc), you really need to ensure that you communicate with your buyers!


There was some problem with my computer therefor i did not respond him.I have sent him his design will order automatically accept or not?

I’ve already answered this question for you in my original answer.


Sorry I have an other question my last customer which was my first customer did not give me rating is this good?

Reviews are entirely optional. If you get reviews on 50% of your completed orders (or higher), then you’re doing well. By the sound of it, you haven’t had many orders, so I would focus on getting more orders (please don’t ask how to do this, there are literally hundreds of threads on the forum that talk about this) and giving exceptional customer service, and providing an exceptional product, so that customers WANT to leave you a review.

Remember - NEVER ask for a review. It’s against Fiverr’s TOS.

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