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Late Order: How long until it leaves a 1* review?

I’ve got a bit of a situation with a buyer. Yesterday they placed an order but haven’t paid in full for it (didn’t purchase commercial rights) - and won’t. This occasionally happens to voice over people.

I’ve opened a dispute with customer services yesterday as I don’t want a mutual cancellation to affect my stats as this isn’t my fault.

The order is now 6 hours overdue - and CS haven’t yet responded (after around 30 hours).

How long until the order auto-completes as a 1* review? Obviously I don’t want that to happen and would prefer to do a dispute cancellation with the buyer to avoid this (not that I should have to).

Many thanks

Joanne x

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It won’t “autocomplete”.
The auto 1-star only happens when the buyer cancels a late order. They can cancel an order that is over 24 hours late without the seller’s consent. That’s when the 1-star happens.

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