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Late orders, although they are not

Hey there fellow sellers,

In a previous post where I documented my negative experience with a buyer, I mentioned in a comment that while I set 5 more days with the extra request the date remained stuck on March 30th, marking the order as late. I messaged the CS and I’ve been told it is not indeed my fault and if I see my rates affected by that I can let them know.

However, it just occured to me that another Milestone order is now marked as Late, although I delivered at least a day before the set deadline. It seems like the timer just didn’t stop running and is now set to 0 in red, but with the button “Deliver Again” (the buyer also confirmed they got the files). What is going on? Is anyone experiencing any issues with their account and orders or am I the only one? I am basically risking to see my completion rates drastically drops because of these 2 late-non late orders…

Please keep updates in the same thread. It’s against the Community Standards & Forum Rules - 2020 to create duplicate threads. In the case of changes in a situation, it’s doubly important, so that people can see what advice you’ve already been given and/or what steps you’ve already taken.

That said, updates almost always have bugs.

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This isn’t an update to that other thread though… it’s about a new issue that is affecting my profile on more orders than one. While at first I believed it was mainly a glitch related to that specific order for various reasons, it appears that it is now appearing on more active orders in my profile. Hence, I created a new thread specifically to talk about this issue. I never had a similar glitch in the entire year I’ve been using Fiverr.

That said, noted. If this post actually is against the forum rules, and I honestly thought it wouldn’t be, my apologies.

May be buyer requested revision ?
If you already delivered and and buyer request revision , timer keeps going and stops at late!

Apologies. It sounded like a reoccurrence, related, or similar issue.

Have you contacted CS about this one, since it is different? (If you haven’t yet, when you do, do not reference the previous issue, or they may assume the same thing, that it is the same thing.)

Oh yes, I am aware of that and in fact, the first time it happened last year I got extremely confused. However, I am not sure about these cases listed. In the first order marked as late the issue was that when I sent an extra payment request for some additional work, the additional 5 days were set while the date didn’t change and stayed frozen on March 30th (he asked for many revisions prior to that though). In the second case, it’s about a Milestone order where we had to extend the delivery time because the buyer encountered a few family issues in the beginning and couldn’t be present for feedbacks and needed informations until very late. He apologized and requested a major extension which I accepted. I delivered the first milestone bulk at least a day before the new deadline, but the timer apparently kept running and today I saw ‘late order’ with “time left to deliver: 0”. But the button ‘deliver again’ could be seen. The second milestone has just started, while the other order, in theory, will be marked as completed soon. I’ll see then if it actually affects my stats or not.

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No worries, thank you for clarifying still! I think my mistake there was to state that I already mentioned the issue in the other thread, so it probably sounded like I was creating a new update specifically related to something already started in the forums. My bad.

Yes I contacted the CS yesterday when I noticed the issue with the first order. I usually have to notify the support on Facebook though because otherwise they may take a couple weeks to reply and the matter was rather urgent. The operator told me that from what he could see the mistake was indeed on Fiverr’s end and to keep him posted in case my stats get affected by it since the CS can’t really take any action when the status is set to Late.

This is more or less the same issue; delivered on time, timer didn’t stop and the order got marked as late. The buyer confirmed the second Milestone earlier today, so I’ll have to wait a few days to see what happens once it’s done.

I don’t know about milestones because I haven’t used it in a after new inundation but in first case where you sent a request for extra payment for extra work, you order should be in late ( in the sense after you deliverr and buyer requested revision ) for more than 5 days and you should have later asked for extra 5 days which were already passed so it was still late…but I am sure that would not affect your Delivery on time rate !

Yeah this is the very first Milestone order I’m getting, so I’m unsure. It never happened with normal orders that the timer kept running (it happens more often than not that after delivery I need to refresh the page to update it though).

In case of the other order, this is more or less what happened:

  1. Buyer requested different revisions
  2. Buyer came back asking for a drastic change, so we agreed to have an extra payment for the new work
  3. The first time, it seems like the buyer didn’t get the extra request. I had set a timeframe of 10 days and the date visibly updated to April 10th.
  4. Since the buyer couldn’t see the extra, I had to withdraw the request and send a new one. This time, instead of 10 days I picked 5 because I figured it would be enough time, but the date basically stayed on March 30th (that was the day of the agreement for the additional amount), so of course it went late right away.

I guess the only thing I can do is wait and see what happens. If my stats will remain the same, then I will just count these as simple glitches that may occur with some orders, even if they can definitely be misleading.

Update: Regarding the second late order (the Milestone one) I got an answer from the CS a few moments ago. And, to be quite frank, I’m extremely confused.

So, on March 10th I sent the buyer an extension request because they failed to respond and also wanted to change a detail but couldn’t provide info right away due to family issues. Since I was supposed to deliver in less than 24 hours, I sent an extension request for them to accept. The buyer could only accept the following day, so of course the order went late. In the open dispute, buyer specified it wasn’t my fault and it was all on them for being unresponsive, while they extended the date even more. Resolution accepted on both parties, order continued as normal. Then I noticed that once I delivered the first part of the work (milestone 1), the timer didn’t really stop as I specified above.

The CS today said that since the buyer accepted the resolution a day later, the order is inevitably late. However, what I am confused about is that from what I knew, if you send the extension request BEFORE the order goes officially late, then it shouldn’t be marked as late once the extension is approved. If a seller sends the request only AFTER, then even if the resolution is accepted it will still appear as late. It happened to me before with unresponsive buyers, one of them accepted the extension request 48 hours later with the order marked as late, but since I forwarded the request when the timer was still running, it completed normally without affecting my rates.

From what the CS operator is telling me though, this isn’t a thing. I sent the extension in time, buyer accepted a day later, late order no matter what.

Let the Fiverr family know. :innocent:

Well, the first order got completed today (the one with the not updated date) and unfortunately my completion rates dropped to 94% :\ this means that the second order marked as late could send my rates below 80%.

Also, the operators in the CS aren’t on the same page clearly, because while the first guy told me it wasn’t my fault and said I could let them know if my stats got affected (which I took as a way to tell me they’d help), the last message was like “we are unable to manually alter it”.

The explanations I received are also extremely confusing:

"Order was placed on March 15, 2021, and the initial duration was 10 days, which means the delivery was expected to be on the 25th of March. As I can see you have made the delivery on time and the buyer rejected it. It is good to know the following two things:

When you deliver on time and the buyer rejects the order requesting a revision, you are not timed for those revisions. 
When adding extension time, the time is added upon the initial delivery when the order is placed. Allow me to clarify this. In this order, the initial expected delivery was 25th of March, and on the 31st of March you added 5 days, and the new initial expected delivery was the 30th of March. You have also made a delivery after that, so this is the reason the order was marked as late."

Not true. When I sent the first extra request, setting the timeframe on 10 days, the date UPDATED to April 10th. I remember that. However, since I had to resend it because the buyer didn’t get it, the second time I set it to 5 days instead, but the date remained on March 30th (I initially thought it was just a glitch). So how come the date changed the first time, but didn’t the second?


“In your milestone order the duration for the first milestone was 10 days. As the order was placed on the 28th of February, the expected delivery was the 8th of March, and you have delivered on the 10th of March which marked the order as late.”

Also not true. The buyer has been unresponsive for days, then they told me they wanted to send a new reference but couldn’t do so until Friday, which would be 3 days after the deadline. I told buyer that I couldn’t wait that long because the order would be marked as late, so I forwarded an extension request. A day later, the buyer accepted it and also left an apologize message in the dispute saying it was on them and I had no fault at all. More days have then been added.

When I delivered the first milestone, the timer WAS STILL RUNNING! I did NOT deliver the work late at all! So unless something went wrong in the system and the timer also got messed up, for all I know I did deliver on time.

Now, I am currently concerned about a few things:

  1. The first order got marked as completed, rates immediatly dropped to 94%
  2. I’m going on a short break, so for the next few days I won’t be able to receive any new order
  3. I delivered another finished work today, but the rates are now obviously taking longer to increase. I will manage to deliver the second Milestone when it’s due, but the order will most likely still be marked as late lowering the stats even more.
  4. My next profile check is on April 15h and I was expecting to level up (level 2). Since the rates will most likely be lower than 90%, I assume the badge won’t update?

The CS tried to cheer me up like “I’m sure you will reach level 2 in no time :)” but to be honest, this isn’t really encouraging right now.

UPDATE: It seems like the issue is mainly related to the Milestone order. There is a recurring glitch reported by other sellers in the past, which clearly didn’t get fixed or just came back recently. The glitch simply affects the counter, even if you send the finished work in time, it simply won’t stop until it reaches 0 and marks the order as late automatically.

For a whole week the CS has constantly told me the issue was related to the buyer accepting the extension too late, brushing off my doubts about it and ignoring the screenshots I sent. The ticket basically jumped between different agents, nobody ever properly looked into it despite my concerns, one of them even told me “just be sure to deliver on time from now on”, disregarding the entire report I’ve made and the informations I provided.

Yesterday, when I found other posts in the forum that mentioned the Milestone lateness glitch, I linked them to the CS and once again highlighted the problem, since I had delivered the second milestone and again the counter didn’t stop. They answered me in the evening and finally acknowledged the problem, forwarding my report to the Tech Team.

Unfortunately, since said team needs time to properly take action, the timer has once again reached its limit and the order is marked as late. From what they told me, the first order (the one with the extra request that failed to update the delivery date despite the addition of 5 more days) isn’t affecting my rates, while the first Milestone apparently did by sending them down to 94%. That order in fact isn’t showing up in the list of late orders (it’s now completed), but considering how messed up the system and the entire support have been until now, I wouldn’t be surprised if all 3 deliveries will make my stats sink.

At the moment I can’t say for sure if the Tech Team will also fix my rates by getting rid of the problem, but I highly doubt it. I’ve seen this specific bug mentioned 2 months ago and it’s still a thing, so I HIGHLY recommend to NOT use Milestone orders AT ALL for the time being. Some buyers may want to use that method for safety, this is why I accepted to use it myself when I never did before. Be careful with it, like I said I’m currently risking my Level 2 badge.