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Late Orders (Not My Fault at all)


Hey everyone. I have had this happen to me twice in the past week and its new to me so I wanted to know if anyone could clarify.

Apparently buyers have the ability to purchase gig extra’s even after the gig has been delivered. This has happened to me twice and when the buyers ordered the extra we were passed the allotted 3 days that i give myself for the gig. Which means that the gig delivered ON TIME is now showing as late. In fact the one I just got gave me a warning that this gig is now "Ridiculously late"

My question is are there any point systems that this will count against my official record in any way? ive always delivered gigs on time. The only time that this has happened is when the extra was ordered after delivery (which i have no idea how thats even done)

Thanks for any help here.


Contact Customer Support and let them know. They “should” be able to help you. This is one of those weird loopholes that is neither the buyer’s nor seller’s fault. :slight_smile: