Late reply from buyer


Hi community
There is a buyer who purchased video and i deluvered it and then he asked so many revisions and i did that revisions too and after tgat he never replied for over 2 weeks and now he is asking for morr changes. But i don’t have his video source files cuz i always delete source files of order after 10 days of order completion.
I am saying that you need to pay full again if he needs video cuz i have to make it from scratch. It was not my fault that he did not reply for over 2 weeks.
I told about fiverr support center and they are saying that talk to buyer and he is asking for full refund. What about my work i did. What should i do please suggest me good thing to do


Simple: Don’t accept the refund.


Just a thought - is it possible to download the latest file you worked on for him from the order?


But it was $230 order according to my experience fiverr gives advantages to buyer not sellers


This thing also happening with me :frowning:


If you have the Fiverr app, try to see if you can download the files you sent to the buyer. If you wish to make changes, you can ask the buyer to send you the files you sent to him or her and make the changes.


I sent him mp4 video not source file


Was it one of your packages where you offer unlimited revisions? Fiverr CS have been known to hold sellers to that even if the order’s completed.

However, if you haven’t got the files to enable editing and revisions, you haven’t got them.

Explain to the buyer that they got what they ordered, they didn’t ask for revisions before the order completed, you’d love to help, but really you can’t, and you’re very sorry. Leave the ball in their court if they want to get a refund via CS.

Might be better to change your profile description too:
We do money back guarantee work


Yes we do money back guarantee work until order is not completed but once order completed that means buyer was happy with product or buyer was not responding


That’s not clear in your profile! :wink:

Buyers could (quite rightly) hold you to that.


Please Contact to Fiverr Support Team …


yes some buyers reply us very late.


Maybe tou are right but money back guarantee does not mean that buy purchase seller whole life lol


Better get rid of the ‘unlimited revisions’ then, otherwise it could be a life of pain for you! :wink: