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Late Response Due to Inactive 🕑

What do you do when you see any message 2-5 hours later. There are a few clients who wait for you.

I have seen most of the time they don’t reply back or reply with ‘Next time’. It’s not issue when you have a good number of order but you upset when you have very less or no order.

So, do you ignore that message when you see lately or what do you do? Feel free to share your experience…

Simple. You answer it. If you see a message 2-5 hours after it was posted, that doesn’t make the message any less valid. If someone asks a question, answer the question when you see it.

If you’re trying to ask something else, here, then you need to be clearer in your request.


Thank you! Actually, I feel very upset when I miss any message.

If you decide not to reply to a message that’s all on you. However, you don’t ever really miss a message. You can reply whenever you see it in your inbox regardless if it’s a minutes a 5 hours.

Keep in mind, if you don’t reply to their first message it will effect your stats.