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Late revision affect?

Is revision late delivery affect the rating?

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@solution_hub as per my experience it really don’t matter at all.

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no but its effect on your on time delivery rating and also your GIG ranking. recently unfortunately i had to give a late delivery and lost my GIG ranking 1 page to 5th page.


I delivered work on time but client takes revision again and again I’m fadup.

Thanks for your reply.

That’s not a big issue.

it is not an issue yet :grinning:

If you deliver your work late, then this has an effect on the particular gig which was used for the order.

Like impressions decrease and the ranking is lowered basically [ although the ranking is different for individual users]


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Yes, late delivery can effect your gig ranking.

I’m not asking delivery I’m asking revision

I delivered my work on time

Ok great and thanks for kind words.

hahaha and I think it may be in future :stuck_out_tongue:

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May be :no_mouth::no_mouth:

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Yeah, late revision can effect your account…

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But I am not getting any warning from fiverr

I believe it affects Gig placement. There are no warnings, yes, but honestly, there was a few times I had to postpone a revision and each time I revised late noticed a significant drop in sales and impressions.

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My client don’t know what she wants that why when I deliver work she revise it again and again now I’m really fedup.

yea man that happened with me as well man. it really sucks. the client would keep asking for revisions.