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Late Support Response Time


I have had issues with an order that has been delivered and marked as complete, I have requested an order cancellation for a day now from the support team, but there’s no reply yet… since a day…

This is very unusual from Fiverr, and I want to ask if anyone else has come across the same problem? could it be quarantine that makes the support team late?


Yes they are taking longer than usual and I assume its because of COVID-19. May be they are working remotely, having shorter work hours or something. I received a response on my ticket after 25 hours last week. I usually get it in 2 hours. So please a little, they will get back to you. These are tough times so it’s understandable.


Thank you. :slight_smile:

The support has replied after two days now + a few extra hours, the reason is because of the quarantine as they said… so if anyone faces the same problem don’t worry, and know in advance that they will be late in their response.


wait for 24 hour Sopport team will reply:)
I hope it get solved

Wouldn’t surprise me. I imagine Fiverr Support is getting so many inquiries and complaints right now.

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i think due COVID-19 fiverr can face many problems with their users maybe some serious issues.

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for this COVID 19 pandemic fiverr support team not give you the proper support.
wait,i hope they response as soon as possible