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Late?! with a revision?

Im slightly confused and new to Fiverr.

A client asked for an illustration. I provided before the delivery by at least a day. Everyone is happy.

He wanted to make some changes to the artwork which i was happy to do, so this was sent into revision mode.

I provided the revision before the delivery timed out, all was good. The client then asked for a few more changes, again, which i was happy to do, but now its in late status?

Why? technically im not late. The client wishes for some changes which I was happy to make, at no point have i been late on the clients requests.

Is there a way to get Fiverr to change this?



Don’t consider it it’s ok you carry on with your work

It won’t reflect on your account as a late delivery. Don’t worry :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks for the feedback and reassurance :slight_smile:

One other question out of curiosity. On my gig i allow for one revision. In this instance i’ve provided the first revision, and the client is asking for a second revision. To be honest, in this instance, the revision makes complete sense and im more than happy to make the second revision. However, i do feel the platform should favor my discretion in choosing to accept or decline more revisions than allocated, which doesnt appear to be the case. What is the purpose of allocating one revision, if the client is simply able to continue asking for more revisions?

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Yeah, that’s really annoying. Some people say they offer no revisions at all but buyers can still ask for them. I’m not a fan of unlimited requests for modifications.

Remember that you have every right to say no. You do not have to do modifications if you don’t want to. You can also ask buyers to buy from you again if they want a big change :slight_smile:

Never work for free!


I’d love for a revision button to become inactive when the buyer has used all of the revisions included in the package. And the button for purchasing an extra revision to be located right underneath it (if the seller offers additional revisions as extras).

I can insist as much as I want that each of my packages has a fixed amount of revisions but if the button is still active and can be pressed an endless amount of times on a whim it communicates an opposite message.


So what happens if you dont do the revision. Can the client dispute this? where does Fiverr sit on this? do they favor the seller or buyer in this instance? … it feels like a situation where favor will always be to the one holding the cash i think lol

it feels like a situation where favor will always be to the one holding the cash i think lol

Technically, if your gig description specifies an exact amount of revisions you do the CS should be on your side once your contractual obligation is fulfilled. But I’m sure the forum has enough horror stories on the matter.

I just tell them they are out of revisions and send them an extra for an additional one. And surprisingly, it tends to work most of the time. Buyers tend to realize it’s not unlimited free revisions all over the board, become more mindful about the process and it’s seriously an additional round or two before the delivery gets approved.

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So send them an extra revision is through the “Offer more Extras” option in the message thread?

Yeah, that’s what I do. And sometimes they even buy it themselves when I remind them the package included 2 rounds of free revisions and they’ve used them both.

Sometimes they also buy a few additional rounds right when they order.

There are obviously people who claim you’re not doing 100% good work just to get more paid revisions out of them. Or people who decide it’s a small change, it doesn’t count as a revision so they can just message me to make me do it.

But my overall experience with this is overwhelmingly positive. I’m honestly surprised. :slight_smile:

Yeh so far, everyone ive worked with has been great. But i do see a possibility for Fiverr’s system to cause confusion where it’s not needed. But good to hear from other people’s experiences and solutions :slight_smile:


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