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Lately i have been getting alot of buyers who are not marking the order as complete!


For some reason, I have been getting a lot of buyers that are just letting the gig go into auto pay. Never completing the order themselves, hence these gigs are going as “unrated.” Why the heck is that happening lately? I don’t understand it.

Does anyone know if this can have a negative impact on my ratings? I am a level 1 seller and my ratings are 100% positive, so it would be really sad if it started to go down simply because people are not bothering to rate and just letting it go into “autocomplete.”


Only a percentage of your buyers will actually take the time to post a review. It is, alas, a fact of doing business here on Fiverr. Don’t let it get you down. Just make sure you deliver such wonderful work that your buyers will be deeply motivated to leave a positive review. :slight_smile:

The only harm to your ratings will be if you deliver sub-par work that your buyer doesn’t like. If he/she takes the time to post a negative review, that WILL affect your ratings.


Sometimes buyers don’t want the world to know that they get their stuff done on Fiverr. I sometimes translate for some agencies, and I’m pretty sure they don’t leave reviews because they don’t want anybody to know they’re outsourcing their work to a Fiverr translator.


Thanks for responding back belengarcia. Do you know if that will impact my rating? I hope it won’t.


Thanksjonbaas, you guys have answered my question. Thanks for all of your help! :slight_smile:


That’s that majority of my buyers… it is pretty normal, I feel.


That’s how it goes for me too. Also, I find I can’t leave a review for buyers unless they first leave a review. I wonder if I left them a good review first it might prompt them to do the same for me


Since buyer reviews are really visible only on your orders, they really don’t do much to help buyers, so they have no value to them. The down side is sellers can’t really check out buyers.


This is actually pretty common. I’d say that about a third of my total completed orders don’t have reviews posted by buyers, and plenty of buyers simply let the order automatically complete after the 3-day period.

I don’t think it really says anything about the buyer or their attitude towards your services, though. Some people take the time to immediately mark the order as complete and post a review, and others don’t for various reasons, like maybe they were just busy when you made the delivery and didn’t remember to complete the order later (I’ve done that before).

However, the Fiverr system gives buyers a 30-day period after an order is complete to post a review, and Fiverr also sends out automated emails to buyers reminding them that they have completed orders awaiting review. So they may actually wind up posting a review some time after the order was completed; that’s happened several times to me as well.


I got an order through my fiver messages. downloaded the pics. did the work, sent it as attached file. There was no ‘to do’ notice. or any other form of 'work complete ’ place to click and upload. There was never even an order number. Is this correct? Is there a better way.


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Reply to @krissyandej: No, not receiving a review doesn’t impact your rating.


Reply to @gordon_t: Orders are not placed through Fiverr’s messaging system. That is simply an email-type system where users can contact each other. In order to be paid for your work, the buyer must place an actual order through your gig page; that initiates an actual transaction. Then, the buyer activates the order, and you can deliver your work via the order page, which is completely separate from the messaging system.


Reply to @jonbaas: totally agree with you…i have close to 100 non reviewed orders


Reply to @krissyandej:
You’re welcome. :slight_smile: