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Latest July 2017 app update - the default font is tiny!

OK, so I finally managed to log back in after the latest update kicked me out (thanks Nathan from CS for the helpful email), but the default font is absolutely miniscule.

I have a Samsung S4 mini running Android, does anyone know how I can scale up the font to something readable? On the laptop, when proofreading, I tend to type in Arial or Verdana 11 font and run zoom at 120% so I can see what I’m looking at but if I try pinch-zoom in the app it either doesn’t work or I lose the edges of the comment I’m trying to read.

The BBC app has a helpful toggle under Settings which allows me to set the font size to what they term ‘huge’ (i.e. readable for those of us with middle aged eyes). Is there a similar functionality that I’m missing in the fiverr app?

Can anyone advise, please? Otherwise, the app’s not going to be much use for me now and I’m likely to delete it as a result.