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Latest strategy for rank gig on first page


Are you looking for how to rank gig on fiverr first page?
Your gig not appear in search results or on the fiverr page?

Well here is the latest strategy for rank gig

I rank my own gigs on first page of fiverr by using this strategy within 1 week.
Follow these steps

Search different keywords in fiverr search filter and copy suggested keywords use these keywords in fiverr gig title and description also use same keywords in tags section and share fiverr gig in social media groups.

Gig Ranking



I can’t find your gig on the first page. Is this just another gig advertising attempt?

Yes you are in the first row first page for “develop squarespace website” good work!

Not for just “squarespace website” however. That one is more competitive. Your tags and keywords are only
“squarespace website” and you do not use “develop squarespace website” on those.

Most of the other gigs on that first page also use the words “develop squarespace website” in some combination too, so I’m not sure how you got in the first row but it’s worth thinking about. Very interesting.

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Please check it by using different keywords in search result which I am using in gig title and description.

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I did. I tried just “squarespace website” and you are not on the first page.

@chuzair53 It might also help that you don’t have a seller level yet since fiverr promotes newer sellers more.

You’re right! It’s on the first page also under
“custom code” also in the title.

Very good, to have it on the first page in two places!

I also like the clean white graphic you are using.