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Latest Tips For New Comer/ Newbie 2017


Are you want to grow your position on Follow the guide step by step:

First, You have to skill up any topic as you do better.
Secondly, Research & Learn about Fiverr. Also, well research gig same as your topics.
Thirdly, Read carefully their TOS Fiverr Term’s
Fourthly, Join

Now Up-To-Date about your gig strategy

You can study of your gig:

  1. Gig Title ( Must Be Seo Title)
  2. Gig Tag ( Follow Others gig on your same category)
  3. Natural Seo Based Description
  4. Try to give Gig video (boosting your gig)
  5. You can add Pdf
  6. Think different Create your own tricks
  7. Share your gig social profile,
  8. Make portfolio based on your service
  9. Update your tag & title * 1,2
  10. Gig image must be attractive (Seo Based)
    11.Active on Fiverr 24/7

I hope you should follow them & it helps you to grow your position. I hope so much this article will help you, if helps that will my success.



Well that just sounds dangerous. Why are we hacking people?

This sounds suspiciously like spam? Is it really a good idea to be contacting people through social media profiles with your services?


No, you will be annoying people by doing that. People don’t like to see spam messages for services and makes yourself look bad and they get annoyed. Instead you can comeup with offering more high quality than the competitors. Fiverr is Filled With SO man sellers…and gigs. Even old sellers like me are here to see ZERO sales since last 11 months. Very very bad now.


Wait, but that’s what you said to do…I was referring to the quote that came from your tips…


Are you sure about number 4 suggestion ?
Is it really helpful or would be cause for gig deny ?


You contact me like this and you will be reported - Disgusting sellers who do this actually make me rethink giving reviews to people I buy from because every time I do it, I know I will get some waste of space, incompetent, inept, ****** sending me messages asking me to “plz by for me plz I is gud at same stuff u by but i has cheep prze

Do this and I will report you and make sure that Fiverr CS knows exactly the kind of reputational damage you are doing the great brand they are trying to build.


What does “Hack buyer” even mean??


Going to a another seller’s profile and contacting people who have left reviews there. Because of privacy reasons, only sellers who also buy can be contacted like this. The level of stupidity of people who try this method is incredible because when you spam other sellers, they know exactly how to deal with it!


Jesus, that had never even crossed my mind. This place thrives on repeated satisfied costumers, trying to steal costumers away from other sellers is not only annoying, but I have a hunch that it doesn’t even work that well. You hire somebody, leave a 5 star review, and then some other seller contacts you and expects you to hire him instead for your next project? Not gonna happen lol


It drives me crazy - I spend quite a while picking sellers and the idea that I would jump to some random person who hasn’t got the first clue about business etiquette is laughable. If I was in the market for brains, I wouldn’t pay a fiver for theirs.


Hello, please can you explain this? “Update your tag & title * 1,2”


Fiverr has a clear problem with this though. It’s sad, because I feel this platform has the most potential (out of every available freelance website) to build a strong market based on price/quality. Unfortunately, it’s overrun with sellers racing to the bottom, talentless hacks copying others to make 5$, and generally appalling communication skills. I don’t want to be calling out names here, but 90% of the problems seem to originate from a handful of countries (I know, I know, I cannot say stuff like this in 2017 :frowning: )

I know the reasons for this, of course, but it still dilutes the perceived quality (even if not the actual quality, as that’s disputable), lowering prices and driving away serious, professional buyers.

In other words, I feel there’s a lot of the “Oh, it’s just a small thing, not very important, so I guess I’ll have it done on fiverr for next to nothing” and “What, this? No, I won’t do it on Fiverr, I’ll hire a competent professional instead, this is too important to risk” going on.


Dont contact buyers man, you will be reported!


This gives me the creeps. Reminds me of someone who almost killed my response time rating asking me through fiverr inbox if I need content writing services. I just didn’t even know how to reply, I sent a period just so the system knows I’ve replied.


so this is the reason mostly buyer not leaving reviews because this kind of seller disterbing them via messages


Some of your ideas acceptable and some can’t accept. Anyway thanks for your sugestions.


I think the sound like the Black Hat method and also the spamming too.


@somaginer1996 I want to say that, If you find them on Social Profile you can build your network. Also, you can discuss them about your service. Here hack means you will find there & communicate with them


@drribroshan If you think any of them are helpful for you, you will accept them. Thanks!!!


@paritoshcpo You misunderstood me. I try to share special tips.